Sunday, May 23, 2010

Diamond, My Niece: an Up and Coming Track Star

        My niece, Diamond, has been referring to upcoming track meets for the last several weeks. So that means she has been doing some training and anticipating going to regional meets.  The only results I have heard about to this point is a sunburn!

     Now I'm more pleased with the fact that Diamond is being active rather than her stats. It's important to learn to be active at a young age and to learn some basic skills and activities one can participate in later in life. I'm not for highly competitive results. That's why I haven't asked her what else she got besides a sunburn. I find it difficult to comprehend the measurement of results in hundredths of seconds. The most important point is participation and enjoyment. Diamond is also active in martial arts along with her two siblings and their mother. This is super to do things as a family. Diamond also downhill skis with her Dad.

     So Diamond, whether you become a track star is not an issue. The most important thing is that you are active and I hope you are learning things that will keep you active the rest of your life. I like your good example.