Saturday, March 8, 2014

No Green Grass for me yet!

     Some of the blogs I follow keep up  a running account of spring and how flowers are blooming and grass it turning green. Similar posts got me thinking about "March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb."

The only thing green is the spruce trees and they are mostly black

    So here there's not one tiny piece of green grass. I'm still living in a white world.

     It was a dull overcast day so the photos are rather dull.

   Today out temperature got up to plus 8 C (48 F). It hasn't been above 0 C for about 6 weeks. Some of those weeks were brutally cold. We had many over night temperatures below minus 30 C (minus 22 F).

    The sun rose at 7:05 this morning and set at 6:27 tonight. And I'll be setting my clock ahead before I go to bed.

    So I even though I might  envy those with green grass I hope you enjoy it. Our time for green grass is coming very quickly.