Saturday, February 18, 2012

Male and Female Brains

    There was an excellent post on   Far Side of Fifty recently. Far Side described male brains as boxes and female brains as boxes. She explained how these brains worked and gave concrete examples of her husband and herself.

     The post caught my eye because I have had a long interest in the topic. As a teacher I was aware of the different  characteristics between girls and boys as far progress was concerned. I tried to include situations in my classroom that would accommodate both boys and girls. It wasn't a one size fits all. Before I retired in 1997 there was some pretty interesting research on brains. There were looking at the various brain areas and how those areas performed.

      A very long time ago I read a book called "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus."  The author had done some major research into the differences in communication between men and women. This book offered some very practical strategies when it came to improving communication.

     Now Far Side's post helped to explain something for me that has bothered me for a long time. Home Farm Girl insists on carrying a clothe bag almost every place she goes. This bag has a supply of plastic bags for those grocery stores which do not supply bags. She also keeps lists, gloves, coupons and large variety of other items. There is much rummaging through the bag when something is wanted. She wants the gloves. Oops she can't find the gloves in the bag. We're in the car and she's turning the bag inside out and freaking. By the time I say should we stop the car and go back, she finds the gloves! I can see taking this bag to the grocery store but I fail to see why it has to go every place. So the bag goes to doctor appointments and I'm left "holding the bag" in the waiting room and receiving the puzzled stares from other patients. 

    Now I have an explanation for the bag. Since female brains work like a ball, all the strings from the ball are connected to all the various items in the bag. There ! The problem has been explained. That'll do me!