Friday, May 29, 2009

My Jack Rabbit Start

       I was running the other morning at 7AM. Now don't get ahead of me on this story .

     I run through part of a neighborhood which has mature cottoneaster hedges which come down to the side walk. As I came up to one of the hedges, two Jack rabbits popped out from behind the hedge less than two meters from me. They caught my attention! I was startled and stopped . They took a couple of little bunny hops and sat on the road looking at me as if to say, "Sir, just what do you think you're doing ?" I stared back and admired their beauty at this close range.

     They became bored or maybe wanted to continue with their breakfast and they took several big bunny hops and crossed the street where one of them hopped up into a brick planter with new bedding plants and resumed eating breakfast . I said to them, "I don't think you guys are supposed to be eating that stuff." They totally ignored me .

      At that point I continued my run none the worse for my start(ling ) experience which made me jump.So a jack rabbit start at 7AM perks you up for the rest of the day.