Sunday, June 10, 2018


    No I haven't turned eighty!

    In my last post I told how a colleague old 55 years ago contacted me. The contact was  a surprise and she went through a few major parts of her life. Sadly she had lost here husband. She listed her three sons.

    I made a short reply and told her I had a daughter and son who are 46 and 48. I also added, "I have a wife who's eighty!" When I wrote that it suddenly hit me. Well I didn't know what to think or should I be more honest and say that I tried to deny or ignore this milestone.

    We noted the Micro Manager's eightieth birth date very quietly. The Micro Manager had been fretting over the number for some time.  Me? Well, whatever happens , happens.

    However,the other day when I jokingly referred to my wife's age, it hit me. Wow, this is getting old. I have an eighty year old wife.

    As with most things that hit me , I soon forget. But then I suddenly  realized
that I've become very elderly. I can think of the elderly people from the time when I was a boy. Eighty year olds seemed like another species. I wonder if they thought like I do that being eighty ain't bad. I still think of myself as a younger person even thought the number says something else. Eighty year olds to a young boy looked as if they constantly sat in a chair. I seem to keep moving all day. Or do others see me differently?

    Realistically I know I'm elderly. I don't dwell on it. I keep going and try to be active in life. Yesterday I lead my bird Saturday morning watching group.

    Last week somebody got a photo of me that I was unaware of. I like the photo.

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