Saturday, July 23, 2011

I'm Back at Hiawatha House

       I've  been away for awhile and I'm happy to be back at Hiawatha House. It was nice to be away from the blog but I did miss reading your blogs and looking at comments. Blogs I follow are a variety of fine photos, ideas to think about, information and everyday life. I enjoy them all.

      I went to Chicago for my daughter's wedding and we stayed to tour some of the city. What an impressive city! There's much to see and do. Those who have visited Chicago will know what I'm talking about and for those who haven't been there , you should go. My description of Chicago will not do justice but there are many places to get information about the city.

     We did a boat architecture tour where they described buildings as we drifted by. Later we did a bus tour that had about 20 stops . You could stop where ever you wanted and get back on later. The tour mainly described the buildings and what made Chicago beautiful with buildings and parks.
    One of the boats used for the Architecture tour with some chicago skyline in the background.

          I also went upt he Sears Tower, now Willis Tower and went out on the glass balcony and took this picture below my feet. Fun!    
      We checked out the Morton Arboretum and the Chicago Botanical garden. We also spent time at the Field Museum of natural History. The time spent was not nearly long enough but I did get to see some of it. The train system is amazing!

     The forest preserves around Chicago make it full of green space. It's quite amazing that they've had the foresight to keep vast areas green.