Sunday, May 1, 2011

Skating Season Ends

          Tuesday was our last skating session for this season. We started the first Tuesday in September and end the last Tuesday of April. It's a great season of fun and exercise.

          This skating session is for people who are 50+. We meet in an arena for one hour of skating. It's just skate around and around with some turns and a few stops for visits or just a plane break. Our oldest and probably best skater is 87. He likes to pair skate to music. Yes, there's music! For skating they like 3/4 time music as they do their skating stride to the music. Me? I just skate as I don't have rhythm!
         So now we have a four month break and will be looking forward to September when skating starts again.
This young lady turned 75 a couple of weeks ago and took us all to the dairy Queen for ice cream.


  1. that sounds great, Red! Both the skating and the ice cream... :-)

  2. When you're a big kid,like am, it doesn't get any better than skating and ice cream. I guess what I was trying to say is that I skate with a super group of people. You know the hike with great people.

  3. Thanks for the clue about my mystery bird! Home Support Newsletter is complete. Life is good. Free time!!

    I love the skating club. Good for you. I went for a walk today. Chilly, but fun.

  4. There's nothing like an open rink and a few recreational skaters. Sounds fun. Now let's enjoy some sunshine and warmth....I hope.

  5. We are fortunate enough to be in an arena....great ice! I think we're all a little too spoiled and soft to skate outside.
    thanks for visiting Hiawatha House.

  6. Jenn, the amazing thing about this group is the support for one another. For some it's their main source of good social contact.
    Thanks for visiting Hiawatha House.